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Specifically designed to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

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Freeman Technique has designed its courses to educate fitness establishments, across several disciplines on the correct focus, when approaching gymnastics training. The courses will provide key insight as to how to properly physically prepare its athletes and condition the body when tackling gymnastics movements.  The aim is to promote efficiency and avoid injury!






Freeman Technique works with clients throughout the world to consult and provide personalized fitness solutions. If you would like to engage Freeman Technique’s unique program please contact us, and we can work with you to tailor a fitness package. Click here for more information 

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The Freeman Technique is a system of training. A methodology based upon  functional movement, injury prevention, gymnastics fundamentals, and acrobatic awareness. This system is specifically geared to helping you understand your body better, increase your strength and mobility, consolidate and reinforce your core, and ultimately, helping you achieve your goals in fitness and health.


184_586915833813_3218_nHis Story

Mark Freeman is an elite international gymnast, performer and coach from Manchester, England. At the age of 9 he became involved in the world of gymnastics. By the age of 12 he had made the Great Britain Junior National team, where he remained until he graduated to the senior ranks, picking up numerous National titles and awards along the way.


Winning his 1st Major International Championship

In 2002 he made gymnastics history by becoming the first ever British gymnast to win a major international competition.  He did this by earning the title Junior European champion on the Still Rings at the European Championships in Patras, Greece.

After this he made the transition into senior international gymnastics, representing Great Britain in various international competitions all over the world, including the 2002 and 2003 World Championships.


What he really Learned in School

In 2004 he received a full scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where he competed for the division 1 men’s gymnastics team at numerous NCAA championships. He also coached the recreation club team for level 9 and 10 gymnasts. In 2008 he graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors degree in Sociology.


Working for Cirque du Soleil

After University he left the gymnastics world to continue his journey in a new arena, performing for the internationally recognized Cirque du Soleil. He participated in the creation of the 2010 touring production Totem.  He then toured and performed with the show for nearly 5 years.


The Creation of Freeman Technique, LLC.

In 2014 he finished performing for Cirque du Soleil to pursue another aspiration: helping other athletes achieve success in their own personal endeavors. To this end he created Freeman Technique LLC, and has been teaching all over the globe, ever since.



  • “1/ “… From my point of view the ” Freeman Technique” is not just a lineups of the different learning progressions…”;It is a Methodical Technology using which gymnasts and coaches can get an approach to the key-parts of the Gymnastics Technique and can get access to the basics gymnastics skills…

    “2/ “… The combination of the candlesticks with extension rolls are playing a major role in general warm-up! and specific conditioning of the upper body and middle section of the gymnasts…

    3/ “… What I am considering as a most important in Mark Freeman’s video the perfectness of his own execution all of the skills presented in video! Pure technique, visible timing for the extensions / tensions and turns, smoothness of the pirouettes and the transitions from one skill to another…”Great Job Mark and Good Luck to the “Freeman’s Technique”,

    Dr. Vladimir Zaglada,

    Coach Vlad from “BIO Gymnastics Club” (USA)

    Former Team GB Head Coach


  • I began working with Mark 2 years ago in a group setting at the Crossfit gym. At that point my pull-ups and handstands were full of bad form and wasted energy. My kip started to improve and I became more confident upside down. We the intermittently worked individually for a year. I saw vast improvement in my positioning and wanted to get closer to my goal of a muscle up. I got serious and we have met weekly for close to 6 months. In those 6 months I saw how well his process works. My core strength and dynamic flexibility has made great strides. This not only translates into my gymnastic work but my Crossfit work as well. I’m
    Now holding hand stands and am making great strides towards my goals of getting a ring and bar muscle up as well as my goal to be a well rounded athlete. If you trust marks process it works!


    Jenna Rubinoff

    Physician Assistant

    Athlete at Crossfit Athletics

  • I play college baseball at the division II level at Saginaw Valley State University. This winter I went to Mark Freeman to try to improve myself physically and also to try to understand my body by becoming more flexible and learning body control. Mark helped me achieve my goals far beyond expectations. Our one hour sessions really helped me tremendously. The first half was focusing on a circuit to help with leg strength, core strength and cardio. The second half focused on the body control and flexibility. These components of Marks training helped me to see results in my sport immediately. As a catcher flexibility and leg strength are the most important aspects of my game and I found all of my exercises when I returned to practice in the spring much easier and much improved from before. There were also different physical requirements that my coach asked of us when we returned from winter break and I passed these requirements with ease and was actually most improved on the team. Mark’s training is very difficult and requires a lot of effort but I would recommend it to any athlete or anyone who wishes to be an athlete. This would also be good for anyone just wishing to improve their physical state. It is a wonderful training regimen and it helped me in many different ways. I thank Mark for his work and would recommend him to anyone willing to put in hard work.


    Dominic Castello

    Baseball: Division II

    Saginaw Valley State University


    As a gymnast, Mr. Freeman has sustained international acclaim having won much recognition in international gymnastics competitions and representing Great Britain on numerous occasions for several years. In particular, competing in the Junior European Championships in 2002, Mr. Freeman made British gymnastics history by winning Britain’s first gold medal on the international stage.  Following his success Mr. Freeman’s achievements were recognised by the highest honour in British gymnastics when he was awarded the title of Master Gymnast. This award is given to very few individuals in recognition of their years of dedication, success, and furtherance of their sport.


    Chris Bowler
    Head Coach at Cirque du Soleil: Totem


    His exercise on the rings was absolutely extraordinary, showing strength and athletic maturity well beyond his years.  His winning point margin at this event was considerable, especially given the high level of competition.  In addition to this shining moment, Mr. Freeman represented Great Britain on many other occasions and won medals in all-around and individual apparatus championships around the world.


    Colin Leigh
    Director of Coaching: C.M.I.G.


    It is evident that Mr. Freeman’s extraordinary athletic career as a world class gymnast has set him at the top of his field. As a college athlete, Mark incorporated many physical preparation complexes in to team trainings, which directly contributed to the success of the program becoming nationally ranked.As an instructor teaching alongside myself, he exhibited his expertise in developing athletes from adolescence to adulthood by incorporating a specified training regimen to produce peak performance.This directly contributed to numerous athletes being selected to the U.S.national team. Mr. Freeman’s contributions have directly affected the performance level of the U.S. National team program in a dramatic way.

    Michael Ashe
    Boy’s Program Director at Head over Heels, FIG International Brevet Judge

  • Mark taught us the fundamentals of Gymnastics and drilled home the importance of position before learning skills! It’s so easy to forget the fundamentals but in the long run it makes the process so much shorter! Great break down of the skills we non-gymnasts are trying to learn later in life.

    Anna Tunnicliffe
    Olympic Gold Medalist – Laser Radial, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 9th Fittest Woman in the World, 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, CA


  • Mr. Freeman was without a doubt at the top of his field when he arrived to embark on his career as a performing acro-gymnast, and remained so thereafter. To deliver the same exacting standards day after day without mistake in an elite capacity is truly extraordinary and there is no other example outside of the sports arena to say that this person is at the pinnacle of their field.

    Darren Webster

    FIG NASM CPT & PES Dip Anat & Physio, Casting Partner Cirque du Soleil Austrailia/Former Head Coach ‘Totem’ Cirque du Soleil


  • As a sport and performance therapist and trainer for more than 20 years, I have been consistently impressed with the need for the development of the basics to achieve excellence. The fundamentals can maximize performance and reduce the presentation of unnecessary injuries.

    The core principles of proper technical application, basic strength, power, flexibility and endurance, when nurtured in a progressive fashion, optimize demonstrable consistent results. These principles are espoused in „Freeman Technique“

    I met Mark in 2009 during the period he was a part of the creation of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem and we have kept in contact since. He is a driven and talented young man. His successful gymnastics career provided him with the fundamentals to transfer to the performing arts, and the experience of this transition, and the hardships associated with equally grueling, but utterly different training loads and schedules have no doubt provided Mark with a unique insight not common in the fitness world.

    Progressive development of key constructs, and the ability to mentor and train to the next levels is critical. With Mark’s successes athletically and in the performing arts, I am confident that he can provide this to his clients.

    Rick Chamney, MA, CAT(C)
    Sport and Performance Consultant
    Former Director of Performance Medicine, Cirque du Soleil (International Headquarters)

  • Mark Freeman’s contribution to the sport of Men’s Artistic Gymnastics has certainly influenced British Gymnastics’ distinguished position within the gymnastics world. Most of my Fig colleagues remember Mr. Freeman as the catalyst for the British men’s gymnastics medals won at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

    Steve Butcher
    FIG Men’s Artistic Technical Committee President
    FIG Executive Committee Member
    PAGU Vice President


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